Monte Winslow

Monte was a graduate student in the lab and explored the role of calcineurin/NFAT signaling in the development and function of the immune system. He worked with Joel Neilson to demonstrate that signaling by calcineurinB1 was essential for positive selection of T lymphocytes and for immunogenic but not the tolerogenic role of B cells (Immunity 2006). Monte with Mingque Pan also found that slightly increasing the concentration of NFATc1 in the nuclei of osteoblasts resulted in fantastic deposition of bone and perhaps the boniest mouse in history (Dev Cell 2006). Monte also worked with Jeremy Heit in Seung Kim’s laboratory to demonstrate that calcineurin, acting through NFATc1 was essential for the development and function of pancreactic b cells, and that it might play a role in diabetes by regulating the MODY genes (Nature 2006). Monte went to Tyler Jack’s lab at MIT. He can be reached at mwinslow@MIT.EDU.